The Cost of Going Cheap

Thursday, Feb, 08, 2018 by Pauline Lally

Categories: Customer Service, Process piping

Did you parents ever tell you: “If you’re going to do a job, do it right the first time?” Parents are smart. Of course, back then you were probably cleaning out the garage or mowing the lawn. But the lesson has lifelong applications. The truth is, doing a project right the first time can save a whole lot of wasted time and money. [Read More...]

Gas Pipe Welding in an Explosive-Risk Environment

Tuesday, Jan, 16, 2018 by Jason Taylor

Categories: Safety, Gas Piping, Welding

Almost all manufacturers have gas piping installed. But one of the key safety considerations when PSI works in a plant is whether we're installing gas piping in new construction or in an existing building that's expanding or adding new equipment. The risks to my service team, our customer's employees and the plant itself are not even close in those two scenarios. In a new building, there is virtually no risk in installing gas pipe: We're not tied to a meter yet.  But if we get a call to put gas ... [Read More...]

How A Massachusetts Manufacturer Lowers Its Fire Risk

Thursday, Jan, 04, 2018 by Piping Systems Inc

Categories: Fire protection, Manufacturing

Each month, PSI “exercises” one of our large customer’s fire safety system’s PIV (post indicator valve) valves. The polymer sealant and adhesive manufacturing company’s mechanic in charge of maintenance  has a mandate to keep the valves working properly and in compliance. “We have to do this because of our insurance,” he says. [Read More...]

7 questions to ask your industrial piping contractor

Wednesday, Dec, 13, 2017 by Piping Systems, Inc.

Categories: industrial piping, commercial piping

Every industrial piping system installation is unique, so naturally the types of piping, valve and fitting configurations used for each job will be unique as well. So, the best piping for one job won’t be the best for another. As an industrial or manufacturing plant manager, the decisions you make about what piping systems to use and who should design and install them can be one of the most challenging decisions you can make. [Read More...]

Chemical Manufacturing Too Hot To Handle?

Tuesday, Dec, 05, 2017 by Pauline Lally

Categories: chemical manufacturing, Process piping

Not with high-end piping! When things get hot, Ray Hoben calls Piping Systems, Inc. Ray is Vice President of Operations at a small plant in Randolph, Massachusetts, that manufactures composite materials and glass microspheres.  “Steam gets pretty aggressive because it's hot. We have a lot of acidic processes that eat up pipe work and pumps, so PSI installs high-end piping for us which survives over extreme throws of chemicals.” [Read More...]

Unconventional Ways To Prevent Maintenance Down Time and Avoid Danger

Thursday, Oct, 26, 2017 by Pauline Lally

Categories: Productivity, Safety, Innovation

AR Metalizing is the massive company behind those pretty metallic labels you see on common household products. They create labels for anything from Bush’s Baked Beans to Jim Beam Whiskey to Hallmark gift wrap. They’re a global company with facilities in Europe, the United States, and South America.  Marc Hyney, Facility Manager for AR Metalizing, has been working with PSI since September of 2013 when he came on board with the company. “Looking through the list of suppliers and vendors we have, ... [Read More...]

How An Apprentice Helped Validate Our Safety First Culture

Tuesday, Oct, 17, 2017 by Pauline Lally

Categories: Safety, workers compensation

When you think about PSI, you’re likely to have been influenced by one of our innovative service offerings, like our “3-men on call” policy. For example, we never say “Sorry, we’re too busy” to handle your emergency call because we always have at least three trained techs standing by—24/7—to intercept your unplanned situation. But behind the scenes is the other half of our story: Innovative operations that keep costs down and safety first. Of course, safety has been part of PSI’s institutional ... [Read More...]

Fire Protection System CASE STUDY

Saturday, May, 27, 2017 by Piping Systems Inc

Categories: Fire protection, Engineering, Manufacturing

HOW TO ENGINEER a solution for an extra hazard fire protection system for a new addition North Atlantic Corp. (NAC) is a distributor and manufacturer of windows, doors, kitchens, stairs, millwork and commercial openings. Their manufacturing facility is located in Somerset, Massachusetts. Piping Systems, Inc. has had the pleasure of serving NAC as a client since October 2004. [Read More...]

Why Should I Spend Money On A Fire Protection Testing Agreement?

Monday, May, 15, 2017 by Pauline Lally

Categories: Fire protection, National Fire Protection Agency

  Pay less now or pay more later [Read More...]

Benjamin Moore & Co. - Process Piping

Wednesday, Mar, 29, 2017 by Piping Systems Inc

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  [Read More...]