Your business’ fire protection sprinkler systems are one of the best defenses you have against a devastating fire inside your building. However if your sprinklers aren’t tested regularly (and correctly), you can run the risk of having malfunctioning sprinklers which can turn a relatively minor fire into major fire.

No one wants to endure the damage that can occur from a building fire, and there are many safeguards in place to protect buildings and people in the event of a fire inside a building. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) works to create and publish codes and standards for sprinkler systems as a way to ensure every sprinkler system is inspected on a regular basis and that all building systems are in top working condition to be effective in the event a fire breaks out.

While inspections by sprinkler system professionals with extensive knowledge of piping and sprinkler system testing rules and regulations are recommended, here are a few things you can look for between inspections:

  1. Bags over the sprinkler heads – According to NFPA 25, the regulations for inspecting sprinkler systems, no sprinkler heads should be covered with bags to protect them from dust, dirt or other contaminants other than those located in a spray painting/coating area.
  2. Green or discolored sprinkler heads – This is indicative of a problem that needs to be addressed right away. Some sprinklers manufactured with copper can corrode if exposed to constant moisture. This is a dangerous situation and according NFPA, these must be replaced.
  3. Pinhole leaks – Sometimes microbiological corrosion can cause tiny pinholes in a sprinkler. Called MIC for microbiologically influenced corrosion, NFPA recommends taking a sample of the corrosion by-product (black slime or black or orange nodules) to a lab for testing. Then follow recommendations from NFPA to resolve the problem.

The integrity of the fire sprinklers in your building are of the highest priority, and testing is a necessity. If you need advice about or an inspection of your sprinkler systems, or need a new system designed or installed, call us at 508-644-2221 today. We’ve been serving the Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island area for 40 years and can help you ensure your fire protection sprinklers are working properly and up to code.

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