“We won’t let you down.”

Meet Jason Taylor, V.P. of Operations. His job is to make sure your project always stays on budget and on time–even when his crew encounters obstacles, has multiple sub-contractors on site, or experiences architectural roadblocks.

That’s because Piping System Inc.’s strength is project management, according to Taylor. “PSI’s owner (and Taylor’s boss), Pauline Lally is an accountant by trade. She’s big into the numbers. So we constantly track labor,” he says.

Taylor says this helps his crew predict changes ahead of time, before it’s too late. “We don’t miss schedules…we foresee problems before they happen.”

Another way the company avoids problems is by rarely contracting out portions of their work. “Right now, we have a lot of design build capabilities that other contractors don’t have. We can do more internally and keep the cost down on projects rather than having to bring another contractor on to deal with.” This also puts a brake on miscommunication.

[VIDEO: See what Jason thinks about working at Piping Systems, Inc.]

Taylor’s in-house secret weapon is his Designer and Estimator, Michael Moreira, aka “Mikey.”

“Honestly, Mikey’s knowledge in this company is huge to me. I think that that’s one of our definite selling points to sub-contractors.”

But Mikey’s not Taylor’s only secret weapon. “Everybody here goes above and beyond. That sounds like a tough sell–a lot of people hear this from contractors. But I truly believe it at PSI.”

Taylor has seen these changes in the piping industry first hand. He joined PSI in 1994, but has been close to the business most of his life. His father was an early employee, working for the company for more than 4 decades before retiring. “He was the first hire and he hired a lot of the guys who are here. I kinda grew up around the company to some degree.”

PSI’s staff longevity is a big part of what helps the company retain customers in a market that has become increasingly saturated over the past two decades.

Even after all these years, Taylor still enjoys the challenges that the job brings. “I like what I do. I like dealing with our customers.

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