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After a decade of fire inspections and repairs, “We’re Customers for Life!”

Facilities Manager David Coon came for PSI’s better pricing, but he’s stuck around for 11 years because of our rapid response time. Why?

“They don’t fool around,” he said.

David fired his former contractor after they raised his hourly rate. But once he started working with PSI he discovered the “PSI difference.” The PSI team was involved and committed.

“They’re very reactive and service-oriented,” David explained. “They appreciate us as a customer, and I sense that because their service reflects that.”

David manages the facilities at a major millwork corporation that manufactures and sells windows, doors, stairs, moldings, and cabinetry. He works with PSI for a variety of his plant’s needs, but mostly for servicing the company’s fire protection system sprinklers.

Like most manufacturers, he’s required to maintain his sprinklers for insurance purposes. “PSI comes here twice a year to do inspections to satisfy all parties involved.”

“Leaks, repairs — because somebody hit the sprinkler system — that type of thing,” David adds. “They’re also our go-to for any new construction. We just put a couple of additions on, and they did the installation of the new pipe.”

Luckily, David hasn’t experienced a crisis inside his plant during his decade-plus tenure at the mill. Even so, he appreciates PSI’s quick response.

“Whether something happens because somebody provoked an event with a forklift or a defective head went off in the middle of the night, they’re right here. No dramatic story to tell. They’re just very reactive,” he says.

“Because in the meantime, I’ve got the zone of the sprinkler off, and it doesn’t go back online until they’re here. That particular area of the plant is vulnerable until they can get the system repaired and back online. The fire department appreciates their promptness, and I’m sure our insurance company does, too.”

PSI’s commitment to quality occurs in every level of the company. It’s not uncommon for Service Manager Greg Brewer to jump in to make sure repairs are done right.

“In one case recently, we sprung a leak, and we had an inspection coming up. Greg was there working with his guys to turn it around as fast as possible. It’s not like, ‘Well, we’ll do the best we can. If we don’t get it right, so be it.’

“I deal with a lot of different contractors. Some long for customer service or price improvements. I think Piping Systems Inc., is hitting the nail on the head. If they continue doing what they’re doing, they’ve got a customer for life, at least as long as I’m here.

“The bottom line is, they don’t let me down.”


At Piping Systems, Inc., we work together to create memorable relationships with our clients. Our “No Headache” policy means you can always count on us to be reliable, high-performing, professional, knowledgeable and highly-efficient problem solvers.

When you hire the PSI Team, you not only get process piping, fire protection, HVAC and electrical services, you also benefit by our award-winning safety program, our commitment to community and a warranty that goes well beyond the industry standard.

Be efficient with your time, and trust Piping Systems, Inc. to be efficient with your piping project. I promise in the long run, you will be thrilled. Have any questions? Drop us an email, info@PipingSystemsInc.com or give us a call today at 508.644.2221.

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