In case you haven’t heard, there are new 528 CMR regulations that went into effect on September 15, 2014 as an emergency regulation. A regulation may be adopted by emergency when “the immediate adoption, amendment or repeal of a regulation is necessary for the preservation of the public health, safety or general welfare, and…observance of the requirements of notice…would be contrary to the public interest.” (M.G.L. c.30A, §§2 and 3)

The new regulations identify two main types of pipefitting:

  • Pipefitting – Power, Heating, Cooling
  • Pipefitting – Process Pipefitting

The regulation also designates a sub-class known as:

  • Pipefitting – Welding

A grandfathering provision is in place that expires 180 days from September 15, 2014. All current holders of the Massachusetts Pipefitting license must apply for the new license. For more information, visit the Department of Public Safety’s website.

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