automated sprinkler inspection planA fire protection system is a state requirement and mandatory by most business insurance companies.

But they’re only effective when they’re in working order from proper servicing and maintenance on a recurring schedule. Forgetting to schedule an inspection or having it fall through the cracks because of a staffing turnover is a risk that could lead to a catastrophic accident.

PSI offers a recurring Sprinkler Inspection Services. We take the inspection and maintenance of your fire protection system off your plate by handling the scheduling, testing, and servicing of the entire system quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Here’s what’s included with a Sprinkler Inspection Agreement:

  • Automated scheduling of fire protection system inspections (you choose the interval: quarterly, semi-annually, or annually).
  • 24/7 priority emergency service so you never have to scramble in a time-sensitive situation.
  • Confidence in your fire protection system, so you know your most valuable assets are always protected.
  • Locked-in pricing for up to 2 years.
  • Cancel at anytime; get charged only for the services rendered.

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