In our over 40 years of serving as a piping contractor in Massachusetts, our team of experts has designed, installed, and tested numerous dry pipe fire protection sprinkler systems in wide variety of industries. If the building that you’re looking to have a fire protection system installed in is not regulated by heat, then a dry pipe fire sprinkler system may be the solution for your fire protection system needs.


dry pipe fire protection system operates based on levels of pressurized gas rather than water (get cold and could freeze pipes). After all, the same principles for frozen pipes at your home apply to frozen pipes in a non-temperature regulated building. If your fire sprinkler system requires water to be stored in pipes located in a non-heated area, the water has a chance of freezing. Now, just because there is no water stored in the pipes of the system does not mean that water is not used to extinguish any fires.

At some point between the outside and inside of the building there is a valve – and that valve holds back the water – there is no water waiting in the system or pipes – when system pressure falls below certain amount valve opens and water rushes – only because system pressure is below a certain level – all that water has to be drained out of the system – you don’t want water.

There are a number of elements to keep in mind when considering a dry pipe fire protection system. Unless the facility where the system is being installed is not temperature regulated, then a wet pipe sprinkler system will most likely be recommended. Dry pipe sprinkler systems are more complex than it’s wet pipe counterpart. The installation and and maintenance costs also tend to be higher for a wet pipe fire sprinkler system.

For instance, in some older systems there may be ‘dips’ in the piping where naturally occurring condensation may accumulate.  It is essential that before the cold weather sets in, that a competent technician drain all of the low points so that the water does not freeze inside the piping causing a breakage.

If you’re facility is not temperature regulated and temperatures can reach close to freezing, then a dry pipe fire sprinkler system may be the proper solution. The expert team here at Piping Systems Inc. has designed and managed the installation of numerous dry pipe fire protection sprinkler systems. If you’re looking for a consultation, a quote, or have other questions, please reach out to us at a time that is convenient for you!