Chilled water systems provide cooling in commercial and industrial applications. The way they work is similar to the way a direct expansion system works. The primary difference is that the coil in a chilled water system contains water as opposed to a refrigerant. These systems are extremely complex in nature, and they are not common in residential applications. At Piping Systems, Inc., we install the piping for different types of chilled water systems in commercial buildings and processing facilities.

Chilled water HVAC systems work by removing heat from water to then remove heat from a building. The water is circulated through a chilled water loop and coils that are located inside air handlers. Heat is absorbed by the chilled water, which is then returned to the chiller where the heat is removed again.

These systems often include a cooling tower that acts like the radiator in your car. The cooling tower stores water to keep it cool before the heat is circulated by the outside air.

Chilled water loop arrangements can be quite complex, and chillers range in size depending upon the application. These systems are ideal for commercial and industrial applications because they are highly efficient and reduce energy consumption and emissions while maintaining a comfortable environment.


If you are looking for an efficient cooling solution for a commercial or industrial application, a chilled water system may be right for you. At Piping Systems, Inc., we install piping in commercial buildings for these systems.

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