The most important question that we need to answer for you is “Why would you choose Piping Systems, Inc. (PSI) over any other company?

At the risk of sounding corn-ball, You are the Center of our Universe! We are all about solving your piping headaches. That about sums it up. To help you be reassured that we truly make You the Center of our Universe, take a minute to go through this checklist to compare us to another Piping Contractor in MA.

Download a PDF version of our comparison checklist below.



Existing Contractor Piping Systems, Inc.
Easy to do business with?
Is 24/7 emergency service provided?
Do they have the proper trade licenses (i.e., Piping, Plumbing, Gas fitting, Fire System installation, Hoisting?)  If yes, can you see them?  Are they current?
Been in business for at least 40 years?
Do they do the design and construction with their own crews?
Will they run interference for you with the local Inspectors?
Are they willing and able to design and make changes “on the fly”?
Do they offer a 2-year warranty on new piping installations?  Five years on new Fire Sprinkler System installations?
Are they multi-disciplinary – i.e., able to provide a wide variety of services?
Do they really understand your needs?
Will they make time for you, especially if all you need is advice?
Will they leave their work area (your facility) neater than when they found it?
Do they have adequate General Liability and Excess Liability Insurance?  Marine coverage for goods in transit to your facility?
Will they supply credit references from their vendors?
Are they aware of and will they install the project to all City and State Building Codes?
What does their safety program look like?  Will they provide you with a copy?
Do their technicians have CPR training?
Can you leave them alone? (i.e., Will they require much “baby-sitting”?)
Do they have a 100% completely satisfied guarantee?
Do they know how to specify the right product for your application?
Do they hold regular meetings with their employees to discuss customer-related situations and concerns that come up in the field?
Will they perform the warranty repairs rather than require you to depend on the manufacturer to handle the problem?


So, how did we do? Are you ready to make a change and receive the service and attention that you deserve? Call us today at (508) 644-2221.