Over the last six months, PSI has been working to streamline our fire protection services by offering service contracts that cover periodic inspections and maintenance services. On January 1, we began offering a new fire protection system testing service. Here is how it will benefit you:

  • Provides worry-free service…PSI takes care of reminders, scheduling and archiving of completed testing reports
  • Delivers 24-hour/7-day priority emergency service
  • Provides historical record of all prior testing; this information is at the technicians’ disposal during current testing
  • Provides recording of additional valuable information, such as alarm panel type, contact name for alarm panel shut-off and model numbers of equipment
  • Ensures less time between actual testing and delivery of the hard-copy final report
  • Ensures price protection for two years
  • Provides quicker billing
  • Important investment in keeping your fire protection equipment ready to put out fires.
  • Offers flexibility in choosing the time interval: quarterly, semi-annual or annually

We are currently in the process of contacting our existing clients to present this service to them. If you have not yet been contacted, or you have not yet joined our family of Happy Clients, please call our office and ask for Sharron Furtado at 508.644.2221, or send her an e-mail at:

PSI is pleased to tailor services to the clients’ needs. Can you say this about your piping contractor?

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