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Our Values

As a team here at Piping Systems, Inc., we work together to create nurturing and meaningful relationships with our customers. We bring light and ease to our customer’s lives by being reliable, high-performing, professional, knowledgeable and efficient problem solvers.

Pauling L. Lally - Owner


Note from the Owner, Pauline L Lally

Construction can feel like quite the boys club. But even when I was just a young girl, I loved to get in the dirt to make things; and for me, piping, plumbing, steamfitting and fire sprinklers is a large part of my father’s legacy. I’m invested in more than just running a successful business here at PSI, so I want you to get an inside look at why we are in this business and what it is that makes us special.

Our Core Values drive what we do every day for our clients. As a business owner, my challenge is to ensure that our Team Members practice these values in their every-day working environment. Contact me directly if ever you experience something different than is listed. Thank you!

REMARKABLE SERVICE means that our goal is to take that extra step to WOW our clients. We are trustworthy, available and helpful, especially during emergencies. We make it easy for our clients to work with us. This means doing the right thing, especially when no one is looking. Being accountable to each other creates an exceptional work team which benefits you the client.

REMARKABLE EXPERTISE means that when you look at the amazing crew we’ve assembled, we have close to 1000 years of combined experience! We have a dynamic team that can handle nearly anything. Many of our technicians hold trade licenses in multiple disciplines. Additionally, many hold multiple licenses. Our safety program is top-notch (all of our technicians hold an OSHA-10 card; some even have OSHA-30 status as well). We embrace challenges and are always open to learning.

REMARKABLE VALUE Its easy to measure ‘value’ in dollars and cents; much more difficult to minimize wasted time and energy to complete the job in the best manner possible. We minimize hidden costs by being responsive to your needs and being there when you need us. By working safe, we minimize costs to you our clients from on-the-job incidents which in some cases, ultimately costs you, our client in lost time and money.

Sincerely, Pauline L. Lally, President/Owner