Mission Statement

As a team here at Piping Systems, Inc., we work together to create nurturing and meaningful relationships with our customers.  We bring light and ease to our customer’s lives by being reliable, high-performing, professional, knowledgeable and efficient problem solvers.

Piping Systems’ Philosophy

Pauline Lally, Owner of Piping Systems, Inc.Note from the Owner, Pauline L Lally

Construction can feel like quite the boys club. But even when I was just a young girl, I loved to get in the dirt to make things; and for me, piping, plumbing and steamfitting is a large part of my father’s legacy. I’m invested in more than just running a successful business here at PSI, so I want you to get an inside look at why we are in this business and what it is that makes us special.

The fact that Piping Systems, Inc. is owned by a woman is quite the asset when stereotypes are considered (McKinsey research studies have a lot to say on girl power), but I shy away from those and instead like to remember what it is that makes any leader strong. I prize trust and integrity and feel that the value of my word is essential to keep a business going. I want to maintain a team that takes your high expectations seriously, and consistently delivers. We also strive to be up-front about the realities of every job we do.

We seem to be on the right track considering we’re celebrating our 42nd anniversary in business!  It is important to me that I encourage my employees and show my appreciation for their contributions to our success. Think of it this way: PSI has over 500 years of combined experience when you look at the amazing crew we’ve assembled, and we give credit where credit is due! We have a dynamic team that can handle nearly anything.

Many hold multiple licenses and our safety program is top-notch (all of our technicians hold an OSHA-10 card; some even have OSHA-30 status as well). I want to lead by example, which is why I’m a licensed Master Pipefitter, and have held that certification since 2005.

As a team, we’re all proof of “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” We’re in this to contribute to something meaningful in our community, and hope that you all feel our dedication and commitment in each and every job we do. We bring a lot to the table and will continue to do so for years to come!


Pauline L Lally