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I skim through a lot of newsletters and magazines during my workweek, and I have to say that I actually prefer reading newsprint than reading an email. Print is tangible. I can tear an article out of a magazine or newsletter and keep it for future reference. It seems wasteful to me to print an article that I’ve received by email.

I recently came across an article in a trade magazine titled, “Plumbing vs. working for the government.” It can be applied to almost any career. This well-written article was penned by Matt Michel, CEO of The Service Roundtable (www.ServiceNationalAlliance.com).

The article listed 15 reasons why one would choose to work for the government, rather than being a plumbing contractor. Each one of the reasons was an “easy” way rather than the “hard” way to earn a living. Here they are:

  1. No more long hours;
  2. Never be on-call again;
  3. Get a week-long vacation;
  4. No more employees;
  5. No customers;
  6. End the anxiety;
  7. Your paycheck is assured;
  8. No more corporate taxes;
  9. Tell the bankers to bank off;
  10. Enforce, rather than obey regulations;
  11. No more permits;
  12. No more competition;
  13. Insurance worries disappear;
  14. No more lawyers; and
  15. You can retire.

Yes, it’s true that a government job can bring all these benefits, but what about the advantages of being a contractor? Here are my top ten reasons:

  1. Being able to create an environment where people can become their best;
  2. Leaving something you worked on in better condition than when you began;
  3. Doing an honest day’s work;
  4. Seeing something built from the ground up;
  5. Solving a client’s problem;
  6. Building trust with a client;
  7. Inspiring those around you, especially fellow team members;
  8. Knowing that you are making a difference in people’s lives;
  9. Always being on the look-out for continuous improvement; and finally,
  10. Collecting the final payment on a project!

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