“Always very professional and courteous. I feel zero stress in using your people because of level of training. They had to weld an internal gas line and no concerns with quality. You have a very good crew always a pleasure using your company for any work.”
C Horner, Hub Folding Box Co.
“I received your note and want to let you know that the feedback I received about your men and company was very positive. I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future.”
Jeff Hall, Hall Sheet Metal
“Mike M. was very responsive and did a wonderful job with estimates and overseeing this first project.”
Steve Dean, Royal Health Group
“I have the pleasure of working with Bruce Bouchard and Al Costa on Project Lynx. They have been willing to do all aspects of the job we do here. Not once and I repeat, not once, have I ever seen them NOT working. When part of the day may be a little slow they find work to do. Quite frankly, if I could I would hire both in a heartbeat….Their work is excellent. They have been a big part of the success of the project…Both have contributed ideas that have helped us. You should be proud that they work for you…They are excellent reps for your firm. Thanks.”
Stephen Bobby, Kidde-Fenwal
“Piping Systems does a great job.”
Sebastian Shen, Armstrong Pharmaceutical Products
“Always a great partner with BM. Always available when we need them. 100% trustworthy.”
Tom Kraft, Benjamin Moore Paints
“It was a very busy day of service and your serviceman took care of all required work to complete job and allowed me to continue day’s work.”
G Murphy, Robinson Supply Co.
“The work is always done in a professional way by your people.”
Don Sasin, Trelleborg Offshore Oil and Gas
“The guys were very neat and very receptive to the changes that we decided to make at the last moment. They were incredibly courteous and cleaned up everything after their job was compete.”
Sokly Saing, Home Market Foods
“Job well done!”
Tracey Haley, Taco Inc.
“Your team has always and remains an excellent support system to our piping needs.”
Robert A. Cifello, Jr., Frank I. Rounds Company
“…I think that PSI is a great company and I hope we can continue to do work together and be successful as a team just as we have done in the past.”
Jim Letourneau, Environmental Systems, Inc.
“Bill Babcock is extremely conscientious and dedicated to providing reliable and professional service. Bill is a definite asset to PSI and is the main reason I have preferred to use PSI. Having had extensive affiliations with Hart, Arden and Eastern Piping throughout my 30+ year career in the chemical process industry, I have gained confidence in PSI’s abilities and services and will consider you first for future work (keep the business with the local folks!!).”
Matt Kochan, Clean Products, LLC
“Here is a short summary of the contributions of Mr. Bruce J. Bouchard and Mr. Al Costa that I would recommend be recognized by your organization. I have submitted similar documentation to applaud the internal members of the team.

‘Bruce and Al were instrumental in the Project Lynx team’s achievement of forty-eight (48) flow limit tests required for the validation of a new fire suppression system for Kidde-Fenwal. These tests were finished on schedule and with the accuracy required for research and development of life safety products. The results were then used to develop customized flow calculation software that will be used by customers of these new product lines. All 48 of these tests required unique piping networks which required fine attention to detail and significant physical exertion to construct (pipe cutting, threading and installation) and then tear down. Bruce and Al safely conducted their work over several months to achieve this milestone while supporting the team on other various tasks such as fire test preparations, fire test building modifications and assorted repairs to miscellaneous equipment required to keep the project moving forward. Their professionalism, punctuality and can-do attitude are making this project successful and deserve recognition.’”

James T McGuinness, Kidde Fenwal, United Technologies, Global Fire Suppression
“Just want to let you know that I am very pleased and also impressed with the work that your team is doing here. They have been very polite and accommodating with the disruption of our employees. They have kept all there areas safe, clean and free of obstructions. If they thought that there may be any type of obstacle that would cause some concerns they would let me know in advance so I could inform my team and that is very much appreciated. You couldn’t ask for a better intern. Emma was a great asset in getting the job done. She cleaned and put things away as she went. Paul and Emma work very well together. Great job in helping her with a career. She really likes working with PSI. She told me that it’s a great place to work and the people are fantastic.

I agree. Please pass this along to Pauline and let them know that they are a value to your staff.”

Paul Murphy, PepsiCo